The first network of Montessori bilingual schools in France

The Montessori 21 network has 6 bilingual French-English schools and a trilingual French-English-Spanish college.  Our establishments welcome children from 2 to 15 years, from kindergarten to 3rd class. The schools and the college are members of the Association Montessori France (AMF).  
Each child benefits from a personalized school follow-up on the progress of his or her learning (National Education Program), as well as his or her social and emotional development. 
The teams benefit from ongoing training for directors and educators, teaching tools and the sharing of experience and good practices.

“Unleash the potential of the child and you will transform the world with it”

Maria Montessori

Your child, immersed in a bilingual Montessori atmosphere

  • In each class of Montessori 21 schools, two educators accompany the children, one Francophone and the other Anglophone.
  • Each English-speaking educator is trained in the My World in Words method: this method combines games, nursery rhymes, songs and album readings and allows children to develop their language skills, while preserving the dimension of pleasure that is essential for the acquisition of a second language.
  • During their school day, the children are immersed in a bilingual atmosphere. They are imbued with the melody and rhythm of the language and acquire vocabulary and syntax on a daily basis. Children can thus gradually move from a situation of global understanding (reception) to a real situation of language interaction.
  • NEW! Starting in the year 2021-22, children over the age of 6 will pass the different stages of the Cambridge for Young Learners, which will allow them to reach level A2 at the end of Primary!
  • To learn more go to the bilingualism page here

Discover the pedagogy Montessori

In the schools of our network, we respect the major principles of Montessori pedagogy. In addition, all children benefit from a complete and personalized pedagogical follow-up with assessments twice a year to take stock of the progress of their learning (National Education program), their emotional development and their inclusion in the group.        

Mixed age classes

The blending of the ages is intended to foster children’s collaboration, exchange and mutual respect. the emulation within the group and the development of rich and peaceful social relations.

A specific organization of time

In our schools, educators provide two and a half to three hours of uninterrupted self-employment each morning in order to respect the child’s natural pace of work and concentration.

High quality school materials 

Everything is in order, clean, adapted to the size of the students. The material supports the activity of the child. It is through this that he can build his intelligence and adapt to his culture.

To learn more, go to the Pedagogy page here

What are the prices of our schools?

Rates vary depending on the geographic location of the schools, which affects the cost of rents and wages as well as the class of the child. Refer to the school page where you want to register your child for more details.

In order to work on its solidarity model, the Montessori 21 schools propose scales according to the Montessori 21 family quotient (QF) of families.

Schedules and ranges of monthly rates over 12 months.

  • Standard rate at €690/ QF above 2501
  • Reduced rate of €590 and €490/QF between 1501 and 2500
  • Solidarity rate 1 to €390/ QF between 1001 and 1500
  • Solidarity rate 2 at €290/ QF less than 1000
  • Grant holders/ QF under 600: tuition fees are paid by the school

In order to guarantee the economic balance of the school and ensure the best possible pedagogical quality, vigilance is brought to a good distribution between these 4 rates. Thus, one third of the places are reserved for the set constituted by the two fares solidarity and the scholarship children.

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