4 steps to enroll your child, free of charge and without obligation

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1. Attend a school or college information meeting

Please register for a presentation meeting at the school of your choice: the Director will take this opportunity to present the pedagogical project, the premises and introduce you to the team.

To register for a presentation meeting, it’s here!

2. Complete a pre-registration form

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please fill in the online pre-registration form below, either before or after participating in a presentation meeting.

Please fill in one form per child. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and the only document to provide at this stage is your tax return – either common to both parents or for each parent.

NB: A confirmation by mail once the pre-registration is completed will be sent and we will contact you shortly when a place corresponding to your criteria becomes available.

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3. Meeting with the Head of School

You will be contacted by the Director for an individual interview when a place corresponding to your criteria becomes available. This meeting is an opportunity to get to know your child,  understand your motivations to join us and answer any questions you may have.

NB: We will take the opportunity to discuss the school fees you are applying for (normal, reduced or solidary). Quotas for each rate should be respected in order to preserve the economic balance of the school.

4. Online registration

Following this meeting, together with the Head of School, you decide whether or not to proceed with the inscription of your child.

In order to complete the inscription and secure a place for your child, you will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire, sign the contract, provide a number of documents and pay the registration fee.

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